Shogun is interested in fight with Anderson Silva, but wants time to practice

Maurício ‘Shogun’ won his last five bouts – Marcel Alcântara

After three consecutive victories, Mauricio ‘Shogun’ has set his best win streak in the UFC at the same time he climbed up the light heavyweight rankings all the way to the top 5. Now, the Brazilian has his path clear to fight the top contenders of the division. But still, the ex-champion sees no problem in making a superfight against a former training partner.

Fifteen years ago, Shogun and Anderson Silva trained together at ‘Chute Boxe’, in Curitiba, Brazil, and a bout between them would be unlikely to happen. But, nowadays, the former Pride’s champion thinks a superfight against the ‘Spider’ would be appreciated by the media and the fans.

“I would gladly take that fight, but not in Rio de Janeiro. There are only four weeks left and I am not in a mood to start a camp right now. If I had two entire months, I would take it. I have a lot respect for Anderson, but I would take the fight. I’m not thinking on my career, I want to fight a guy that represents all he has done. Bot not at UFC Rio. In two months, for sure”, Shogun told Ag. Fight.

During the second edition of Fight 2 Night, Shogun was at Foz do Iguaçu, Brazil, as a special guest of the event. And while he enjoys the good moment he lives in his career, the 35 years old Brazilian did not hide he plans to diminish the frequency on which he fights.

The reason for such cautiousness by Shogun is the high number of injuries that accompany him since the begging of his career when he used to compete in Japan and make more than one fight at the same night. That is why his last knee injury left the fighter alert.

“I’m on a three win streak, I must fight… I am thinking on coming back, but there is no hurry. I will talk to my manager and my master. I know each fight is a war. There in no easy fight. I will get ready to conquer my fourth victory. I wish to fight in September because I have an injury on my knee right now”, said Shogun.

After suffering four defeats in five bouts, Shogun decided to go back to Los Angeles to train with his former master, Rafael Cordeiro, who is the leader at Kings MMA. With a three win streak after the change, the Brazilian is convicted his trainer is responsible for the recent victories.

“The master know a lot of my game. He leaves me ready technically and physically. I learned everything with him, and it works. But the victories are fruit of the whole team. When you win, everyone wins. […] The master, besides being a great trainer, is also a leader. He talks to his students, he becomes a friend of his students. That leaves everything much easier”, explained.

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