Sergio Moraes doesn’t agree with fans who think he should’ve lost at UFC Fortaleza

Sergio Moraes - Florian Sädler

Sergio Moraes – Florian Sädler

TUF Brazil 1 finalist Sergio Moraes extended his winning streak in the UFC’s welterweight division to seven straight wins after defeating Davi Ramos at UFC Fortaleza earlier this month. However, the cautious bout triggered boos from the stance, as well as criticism of Moraes, who defended his performance in an interview with AG. Fight.

Pointing out the change of opponents and his fighting styles as the main reasons for a not so spectacular three rounds, Moraes assured that although the boos were annoying and part of the audience still thinks he lost the fight, he disagrees.

“(Ramos was) a high-level guy, the first thing I did was review the fight. I’ve seen a lot of fights where the judges got it wrong, but I don’t think they were wrong here.”

Asking for a top-ranked opponent, the former world jiu-jitsu champion made it clear that he knows he didn’t use his jiu-jitsu as much as people would expect him to lately. That being said, he predicted that, after demonstrating his evolution on the feet, now might be the time to return to finishing opponents on the ground.

“The guys are worried about going to the floor with me, but we’re going to see if my jiu-jitsu is going to show up again.”

“I’ve thought about the belt since I joined the UFC, but it’s a long way there. I don’t want to make up the numbers […] and inside the UFC, in my weight class, I’m undefeated and I’m going to continue this way. My last fight was not so spectacular, but the opponent shifted at the eleventh hour, he was totally different from the guy I was supposed to fight.”

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