Manager talks Ronaldo ‘Jacare’ free agency: “The priority is the UFC”

Ronaldo ‘Jacaré’ é o terceiro colocado na divisão dos médios – Diego Ribas

Considered one of the best middleweight fighters in the world, Ronaldo Souza has his future at risk with the Ultimate. After his bout against Robert Whittaker on UFC Kansas City, next saturday, the Brazilian’s contract will expire. However, according to manager Gilberto Faria, who accompanies the jiu-jitsu ace, fans can be assured that ‘Jacare’ will probably remain in the biggest MMA tournament in the planet.

During an interview with Ag. Fight, Faria guaranteed that the amount that’s being negotiated by Jacare with the UFC corresponds to the market’s standards and with the merits achieved by the athlete. In view of this, the manager is confident that a settlement will be established with the Ultimate.

“Paying more is a strong thing. Fighters are professionals. The consequence of a good job is fight for the belt, but at the end of the day, they fight for money. I will not say that there is no chance of him fighting in another event, anything can happen, but the priority is the UFC. I know Bellator is aggressive to hiring free agents. But I believe that our work and the value we ask for make sense. I will not do an auction”, Faria reported.

In addition to indicating the confidence of a renewal with Ultimate, the manager has revealed the reasons that make his athlete gives priority to the organization. He assured that the Brazilian is well treated and remunerated by the organization, which means that, in principle, a change is not his idea. However, Gilberto Faria analyzed that this is not the best time to focus on contractual issues due to the proximity of Jacaré’s fight.

“There is priority for the UFC, without a doubt, it is the biggest event and platform in the world. We are respected, well treated and well-earned. We are trying to seize the moment to negotiate a better contract. […] Trading has been going on for some time, and that is normal. We are seeing a value for the contract. But the negotiation time is not now, it is very much on top of the fight. After the fight we will reach a value and we will talk”, he said.

At 37 years old, Ronaldo Jacaré is currently third in the UFC middleweight division and is close to a title fight. However, the athlete’s manager assured that despite the merit, not even a possible renewal of the Brazilian will give him the certainty that he would have priority in disputing the belt of the Ultimate.

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