Fights with brothers and BJJ! Cynthia Calvillo reveals her inspirations to start fighting

On August 27th, 2016, Cynthia Calvillo made her debut as a MMA professional fighter and won an impressive victory by knockout. Since then, the athlete has not rested. Throughout eight months, the american made three bouts, won all of them, was hired by the UFC and participated on the last two big events held by the organization – where she was able to defeat both opponents. Now, with the eyes of the media towards her, the jiu-jitsu ace guarantees there is no pressure over her shoulders and the answer for her success is the hard work done at ‘Team Alpha Male’.

With only eight months fighting as a professional MMA athlete, Cynthia is more secure in her skills than many veterans with years on the sport. And according to the UFC fighter, this confidence comes naturally once you are prepared for all adversities. Besides, making part of ‘Team Alpha Male’ has helped the jiu-jitsu ace to maintain a high level on her training sessions.

“The team, the training and the preparation make a difference on your confidence. If you work hard, you don’t have to worry. When my training partners have a fight I always tell them I’m not wishing them ‘good luck’ because luck is required by those who do not practice. As long as you are prepared, you will remain confident. We train in one of the best teams in the world”, the athlete pointed out during a conversation with Ag. Fight.

Cynthia had her first contact with martial arts through jiu-jitsu, before migrating to MMA. And, surprisingly, the 29 years old athlete had no experience in fighting or any other sport whatsoever. Her inspiration for starting a carrer at mixed martial arts came basically from BJJ and from brawls held with her brothers when a child.

“I started training jiu-jitsu six years and a half ago, maybe seven. It was something very natural, maybe because I am kind of strong. I can roll with my eyes closed, I love it. When I started I was 23 years old and had no experience in martial arts or any other sport. People always ask me if a practiced any sport before MMA. But, basically, I was beaten by my brothers when I was a kid”, Cynthia said.

Hired by the Ultimate this year, Cynthia participated on UFCs 209 and 210 with only a month and a couple of days in between to prepare herself. Last saturday (8), the american submitted Peral Gonzalez with a rear-naked choke and achieved her fifth win on her carrer. And the rising of the jiu-jitsu ace got the attention of Dana White, who declared himself a fan of the straweight.

“When I first met Conor McGregor, I thought, ‘I don’t know if this guy can fight, but if he can thrown a punch he will be a rockstar’. With Ronda Rousey I had a 45 minute meeting where we decided to start women MMA. And I feel pretty strongly about this one [Cynthia] too. I think her performance was awesome tonight. I love the way she eats pressure. The first time she came to the UFC she performed very well and then tonight she goes against a bigger, stronger woman with a long reach and a lot of experience and she conducted herself as the badass that she is. So, I’m very impressed with her performance and I’m a fan”, Dana said during a press conference held after UFC 210.

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