Dos Anjos reveals conditions to face harsh weight cuts at lightweight again

Former lightweight UFC champion Rafael dos Anjos made an important decision on his carrer by moving up to welterweight after losing the title and two consecutive fights. But, perhaps this is not a definite circumstance yet. RDA, who decided to change divisions due to harsh weight cuts, will make his debut at welterwight on UFC Singapore, where he fill face Tarec Saffiedine. And the brazilian admitted he can still drop to lightweight for a ‘superfight’.

According to the athlete, a fight in lightweight can be arranged if there is any advantage for him. Afterall, in Dos Anjos’ opinion, there is no reason to face a brutal weight cut for a ‘useless’ fight.
“I don’t consider this a definite change. I can go back to lightweight for a superfight in the future. Everything is negotiable. But, it is not worth it [weight cut] considering the amount I’m earning today. This was one of my motivations to change for welterweight. I don’t need to kill myself and earn this salary. But, perhaps a superfight in the future…” the brazilian declared during a conversation with Ag. Fight.
The biggest motivation for Dos Anjos to move up a division were the brutal weight cuts that were affecting the athlete’s health and performance. The brazilian revealed he faced moments of panic when losing the last 15 lbs for the fights.
“I want to avoid those last 15 lbs. That is terror and panic, it’s almost death. I don’t need to face that anymore. I want to fight well and happy. Get in there strong and in good shape”, RDA said.
Despite having one of the worst years of his career in 2016 – when he lost the belt and the two bouts he made that year -, RDA made it clear that he’s not mentally broke. In his opinion, he fights even better when under pressure. Maybe that’s why Dos Anjos did not seek for psychological support.
“I think 2016 was a difficult year for me, but I do not have any psychologist with me. I don’t get shaken up by this kind of stuff. Defeats happen and I work better when I’m under pressure. I believe I am in a delicate moment, but everything happens for a reason”, assured the athlete.
Slated to face Strikeforce’s former champion Saffiedine in Singapore, Dos Anjos will have a tough and experienced opponent ahead. And in order to overcome the powerful belgium, RDA believes he has to control the pace of the fight.
“He is a good striker, very strong, and an ex-champion. He has good takedowns, good wrestling defense, and good jiu-jitsu. But I think my game – where I put a lot of pressure, walk forward and control the pace – will prevail”, RDA wrapped up.

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