Bethe Correia makes astonishing statement: “I can beat Holly in a boxing match”

Bethe Correia looks extremely confident for her bout against Holly Holm, to be held on 17th of June, in Singapore, at UFC On Fox 111. Even though she is facing an ex-champion, who is also an excellent boxer with may titles on her career, the Brazilian is not intimidated by the experienced opponent and believes she can overwhelm ‘The Preacher’s Daughter’ with her striking.

The level of confidence ‘Pitbull’ has on her stand up game is so high that she pointed out she could beat up Holly even in a boxing match – the american made 16 title defenses on three different weight divisions. According to the brazilian, striking is one of her passions.
“I have a preference for boxing. I always felt during my training sessions that I am capable of facing any boxer. Participating in a boxing match someday is one of my goals. I think i can win any boxer. I think i can beat even Holly in a boxing match”, Bethe told Ag. Fight.
Even though Holly comes from three consecutive defeats, Bethe does not believe the american is psychologically broke. In the brazilian’s opinion, the former bantamweight champion is far too experienced and has already faced similar moments during her boxing career.
“She had losses in boxing and maybe she is just used to defeats. She always tries to get herself together and a loss. There are people, like Ronda, that get so shaken up they even think of retiring. I do not like to lose. That is why I don’t think about my defeats. I just think about winning. And Holly, for sure, is not mentally unstable anymore”, the Brazilian said before poiting that she will be seeking for Holly’s mistakes in the octagon.
“Everyone has their gaps. If you analyse my game, you will find gaps. If you analyse Holly’s, game, you will also find gaps. She has her qualities on the stand up game, but she makes some mistakes too. I am always studying and looking for the gaps on my opponents games”, Bethe explained.
Professional MMA fighter since 2012, Bethe fought for the UFC belt on August, 2015, when she was knocked out by Ronda Rousey. The 33 year old Brazilian has a record of 10 wins, two losses and one draw.

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