Aldo disapproves Spider’s request for fans to claim back their money on UFC 212

Anderson Silva got himself into a big mess. After being stripped out of UFC Rio 8 card, the Brazilian ordered his fans to claim their money back and to not attend the show that is going to be held next June 3rd. Obviously, the ‘Spider’s speech was not well taken by Dana White. Yet, another Brazilian, responsible to star the main fight on the 212th Ultimate edition, was upset with the former middleweight (185 lbs) champion’s attitude.

Expected to defend his featherweight (145 lbs) title against Max Holloway in the city where he built his carrer – Rio de Janeiro -, José Aldo is confident he will be fighting in a crowded arena, even though the Spider tried to persuade some fans to return their tickets.

“I didn’t know about this, I don’t read on the internet, that is not my focus. When he left the card in Curitiba, there was no fan thinking on not attending the show. I am the one who is going to fight on the main event, the show is going to be held on the city I live in and where I have a legion of fans. Everyone is going there to watch José Aldo vs. Max Holloway. I’m sure no one will return their ticket because he was not fighting on the main event”, assured Aldo Ag. Fight.

At the age of 30 and owner of one of the most sucessfull careers on MMA, Aldo only met true fame after defending his belts a half-dozen times, including two wins over Chad Mendes at the very same arena where he will face Holloway. And with that in mind, the ‘Scarface’ disapproved Anderson’s attitude.

“I would never do such a thing. The UFC played an important role in shaping me the athlete I am today. I have my merits, I worked hard and I deserved this. But I would not have achieved this by myself. I had to leave fight cards in less than a month also and, still, I encouraged the fans to attend the show. You can’t put the fans against the organization, doesn’t matter whats happens. When everything is doing well, you are good, but whenever things change, it is everything against you”, analyzed the Brazilian.

Likewise Anderson, Aldo already had his issues with the UFC throughout his carrer. Still, the Brazilian made it clear he would never campaign for somthing that could affect other fighters directly.

“I always tried to defend the atletes that are in the beggining of theirs careers, the ones I thought were treated unfairly. I had a lot of problems with the UFC and I was punished many times for stepping up for other fighters. The UFC always made it clear that I should defend myself in order to grow in the organization. But, when you care less about other fighters and only think on your own gain you show the fans who you really are, your real character. When you are doing fine, you are one kind of person. When things are going bad you change your personality… I will never be like that, no matter what”, guaranteed the Brazilian, before emphasizing his disapproval to Anderson’s attitude.

“If we were talking about any other athlete, no one would never say that, especially an american. I’ve been in this spot already. I was going to fight [Anthony] Pettis in Rio and he injured himself. I was going to face Erik Koch and he withdrew also. Again, with Frankie Edgar, no one said a word about that. Americans don’t have this kind of attitude, they look for their own. It is what it is. I’m not saying ot is wrong, each one knows what is best for them”, said Aldo.

After the controversial situation on his Instagram, Anderson made a new post where he tried to explain himself. The Spider made it clear he has respect for all the fighters that will be in action on UFC 212 e guaranteed he was only answering one of his fans.

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